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      • 1969: The original CRU company was founded by Robert Perlman and John Horam, initially specialising in Copper market research
      • 1986: CRU acquires British Sulphur Corporation Limited, adding conferences and expertise in fertilizer markets
      • 1996: CRU acquires Resource Strategies Inc, a consultancy business operating from Exton, PA in the US
      • 2002: CRU opens representative office in Australia
      • 2004: CRU opens its first China office in Beijing
      • 2006: CRU acquires KMI Research, a business specialising in the Wire and Cable industry
      • 2006: CRU acquires Commodity Metals Management Company, a company based in Pittsburgh and specialising in North American Aluminium markets
      • 2006: CRU established in South America through the opening of an office in Chile
      • 2009: CRU opens its first Indian office based in Mumbai, which becomes part of CRU Consulting
      • 2012: CRU acquires Ryan's Notes with the acquisition of Nonferrous Notes Organization
      • 2012: CRU acquires Fertecon Research Centre Ltd, adding to the Group’s fertilizer operations
      • 2013: CRU moves its London head office to more prestigious offices in Chancery Lane
      • 2013: CRU expands its Australian operations
      • 2014: CRU hires analysts to work on India's Aluminium sector
      • 2015: CRU?opens offices in Hong Kong and Japan
      • 2016: CRU expands its China presence with an additional office in Shanghai
      • 2018: CRU expands its position in the Asia Pacific region with an office in Singapore
      • 2018: CRU acquires US-based Steel Market Update (SMU) conference, training and newsletter business
      • 2019: CRU celebrates 50 years in commodity research