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      Isabel joined CRU as a fertilizer analyst, covering phosphates and sulphur value chains of China.

      Prior to CRU, she worked for Nexant as an analyst of energy and chemical advisory business, involved in both analysis and consulting services, with experience on various value chains and major products of refining and petrochemical industry. She has also worked for Sinopec International as project manager of group procurement.

      Isabel holds an MSc in synthesis, catalysis and sustainable chemistry from University of Lyon, she also completed both an MEng in applied chemistry and bachelor degrees in chemistry and finance from East China University of Science and Technology.

      Articles by our industry expert


      Wengfu and Kailin mega phosphate merger nears completion

      The proposed merger between Chinese phosphate producers Wengfu and Kailin has made significant progress over recent weeks and is likely to be completed by the end of June,...

      By Isabel Chen & Chris Lawson 22 May 2019   
      Topic: Phosphates