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      Paul Williams

      Research Manager View profile

      CRU’s Aluminium team provides in-depth market analysis, forecasts and price assessments for the global aluminium industry.

      Our market analysis focuses on supply and demand fundamentals, price dynamics and forecasts for the entire value chain, including upstream and downstream markets. As well as a five-year view, we also provide a 25-year forecast for aluminium supply, demand and prices.

      CRU publishes price and premia assessments across Europe, North America and Asia, based on our robust and transparent methodology, with regular updates on how market events are affecting prices.

      Our cost services bring you detailed data and insights on key smelters and rolling mills around the world, as well as smelter power tariffs, for a detailed understanding of emerging cost trends and the competitive landscape.

      CRU aluminium analysts are based in London, Mumbai, Beijing and Pittsburgh. Our analysts are available to engage with you directly and many of our customers contact us regularly for insights that guide strategic and investment decisions.



      • Aluminium Extruded Products
      • Aluminium Rolled Products
      • Aluminium Wire and Cable
      • Primary Aluminium
        • – Billet
        • – Foundry Alloy
        • – Ingot
        • – Slab
        • – Wire Rod


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      CRU's unique services are the product of both our in-depth understanding of the markets and close contact with our customers. We want to hear from you.

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      Aluminium Analysis Team

      • Paul Williams

        Research Manager London
      • Caroline Alglave

        Analyst London
      • Zaid Aljanabi

        Head of Aluminium, Consulting London
      • Eoin Dinsmore

        Research Manager London
      • Kelly Driscoll

        Research Manager London

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