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      Rebecca Gordon

      Chief Executive Officer, CRU Consulting View profile

      For a comprehensive outlook on technology metals worldwide, CRU provides market analysis across all technology metals as well as forecasts for cobalt, lead, silicon, nickel, manganese and lithium.

      CRU’s market analysis explores supply, demand trade and prices of all the commodities used for energy storage and the auto industry. This work draws on our global macroeconomic outlook, our understanding of the impacts of climate change legislation, and our local team’s expertise in key markets including China. ?

      Our economics team supports these market insights with views on future auto demand to bring you a rounded picture of developments in this industry. We also provide five-year forecasts on market fundamentals for cobalt, lead, silicon, nickel, manganese and lithium, based on our robust methodologies.

      CRU’s analysts are at the heart of the service we provide and are highly committed to primary research. Based in London, Beijing, Santiago and Sydney, our team can offer unique insights on the special and chemical grades of the minor and base metals and noble alloys used in the applications of technology metals. The team is available by email, phone or in person to discuss market developments, prices and forecasts with you directly.


      • Cobalt
      • Lead
      • Lithium
      • Manganese
      • Nickel
      • Silicon Metal


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      • Rebecca Gordon

        Chief Executive Officer, CRU Consulting London
      • Toby Green

        Senior Consultant Sydney
      • George Heppel

        Senior Analyst London
      • Ian Hiscock

        Head of Consulting, South East Asia Singapore
      • Alex Laugharne

        Principal Consultant New York

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