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      CRU's Base Metals Cost Service has enhanced its offering to provide independent and detailed cost breakdowns for 100% of global supply of copper, nickel, lead and zinc.

      CRU’s models are unique in covering 100% of Chinese supply and they deliver cost, production and cash flow metrics for over 700 assets and regions that are extensively researched by CRU's global team of experts and reconciled using our robust and transparent methodologies.

      Large Global Team
      Our investment in a large global team of analysts based in the UK, China, Chile, and the United States mean that our customers benefit from significant of primary research. CRU analysts travel to conduct site visits in key producing countries around the world throughout the year to ensure our customers receive accurate and robust information in CRU's cost models.

      Request A Demonstration
      For more information on CRU's new Base Metals Cost Service and to see a demonstration of the models for copper, nickel, lead and / or zinc, please complete the form below and a regional CRU representative will contact you to discuss further.

      Request more information on CRU's Base Metals Cost Service


      CRU analysts

      • Ryan Cochrane

        Research Manager, Lead, Zinc and Precious Metals London
      • Lucent Nicholson

        Senior Analyst London
      • Erik Heimlich

        Principal Analyst Santiago
      • Alexandra Anderson

        Prices Analyst Pittsburgh
      • Zaid Aljanabi

        Head of Aluminium, Consulting London

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